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The Canadian Public Procurement Council (CPPC) was established in September 1999 to be the leading resource for Public Procurement across Canada.

The Mission of the Canadian Public Procurement Council (CPPC) is to:

  • Promote dialogue and networking;
  • Facilitate information and knowledge exchange;
  • Develop approaches to common issues;
  • Provide leadership for the resolution of shared challenges

To the benefit of Public Procurement in Canada and the citizens it serves.

Membership in the CPPC is open to all public and quasi-public procurement organizations, from all levels of government – federal, provincial and territorial governments, Crown corporations, and the full range of Municipal, Academic, Social and Health (MASH) entities.

In addition to various membership benefits and activities, the CPPC hosts an annual Canadian Forum on Public Procurement, as well as training seminars. For more information on Forum, click here.